Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Small accomplishments

Every Tuesday I go to a Mom's Group at the church where Kate and Caroline go to preschool. I LOVE this group. It's a Christian based program and I always feel very centered when I go. One of the perks of this program is that they offer child care. For free. Heck, their whole program is free. Fantastic!

Anyway, I have always left Kate and Caroline there with no worries. There's one girl in particular that the girls adore and I know she takes good care of them.

This year, Caroline is the only one who was going because Kate is in class on Tuesdays. I was keeping Rebecca upstairs with me, while Caroline played in the church nursery. I convinced myself that Rebecca needed to nap/ nurse/ snuggle. Really? It was anything to keep her with me.

You see, one of my biggest post partum struggles is not allowing others to take care of my babies. Caroline is able to do things for herself and communicate to others her needs. Rebecca? Not so much.

Well, today I put Rebecca in the crib in the nursery. It just worked out that she was ready for a nap around 9:30 when Mom's Group begins. I honestly knew there was no reason to keep her with me when the nursery has cribs available. I brought her sound machine and placed it on the floor under the crib. I rocked her while I sang our traditional "ABCD" and "Twinkle, Twinkle." I laid her in the crib and she started to close her eyes. (I swear she is competing for best baby in the world!) I checked on her a few times but knew she was asleep and wouldn't be waking up anytime soon.

When I went upstairs I was thankful for the friendships I've made. The women were very supportive when I told them I had left Rebecca in the nursery. They did their best to engage me and be supportive and remind me that if Rebecca was no longer sleeping that she was being well taken care of.

At 11:30 when I went to pick up my 2 little girls, I felt a sense of triumph. Rebecca had slept longer than I expected. She was happy to see me and was changed. And I didn't call once to check on her.

Now here's hoping I can repeat that next week!

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