Friday, October 22, 2010

I need a do-over

I need a do-over. In a bad way. The day started out great. I nursed Rebecca at 5:17. It's our standing date. ;) I was able to go back to bed for a bit before Caroline woke up.

Kate usually wakes up first. I am thankfully when it's Caroline. She likes to snuggle next to me in bed and play games on my phone. Kate is such a morning person she wants to go downstairs right away.

Anyway, I got to snuggle with Caroline which is rare. Kate woke up and came in and we started heading downstairs. I swear the minute their size 7 & 8 feet hit the last step they started fighting. I was able to get them some breakfast (frozen waffles today - mom of the year, here) and lay on the couch. I was exhausted!

Not a minute later Kate starts complaining that she wants cookies for breakfast (hello?) and Caroline wanted candy (we don't even have any!). More fighting. 2 minutes later, the baby was awake. We were not off to a good start. I hadn't even thought about making the coffee yet.

I call my mom who was coming over so I could take Caroline to swim lessons. I beg her to come over early. When she says that she'll be there as soon as she gets dressed, I know I am out of luck. Hey, someone should be enjoying a quiet morning. I just wish it was me.

As the day escalades - broken toys, spilled milk, fighting, hitting, wrestling, crayon on the kitchen table, dog peed on the rug, a fall down a few steps (to name a few) - it doesn't get any better. And I realize I am yelling. Yelling at my sweet children who don't mean to spill a bag of pasta all over the not-cleaned-this-week kitchen floor.

The volume of my voice got louder and louder. I tried to put myself in time out. I really did. But somehow, today they decided to be Mama's girls and follow me everywhere. Where's Daddy when you really need him? Oh, he's at work so that I can stay home with these angels. (I am thankful for that!)

As I think about work, I remember how when I used to teach in South Philadelphia I had 38 third graders in my class. 38 is a huge number for a class. How is it that teaching them was easier than handling my 2 toddlers? I am not even throwing the reflux spitting baby in to the mix!

We did bath and bed with no yelling from me. Once I realized I was yelling so much I didn't even want to listen to myself. And as I tucked my sweet girls in bed they both asked for extra kisses and hugs. How can I be upset with that?

Tomorrow I will get a do-over. And hopefully it will go better.

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  1. Oh I feel your pain...I guess we all have days like's so hard sometimes...I hope the next day was better!